2004 Falmouth to Rome
Year One, our first voyage without the security of a permanent base

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In our first year of cruising we were very bad about keeping  our journals. Our mothers nagged us but it was all to no avail. Here are the ones we have managed to locate:

It is entirely feasible that some of our chums still have copies, please send them on to us.

Work in progress


Leaving Falmouth on the 14th. April, a perfectly still day, we were escorted by dolphins up the English Channel. We managed to visit  some of our favourite south coast harbours on the way.

 A foggy day saw us crossing the channel to Cherbourg and thence up the Seine to Paris.


With our masts down we travelled through the magnificent French canals to join the mighty Rhone and eventually the Mediterranean.



The first heady days in the "wine dark sea" saw us anchoring in the Porquerolles before crossing to Corsica. A leisurely circumnavigation of Corsica was followed by a a rather more hurried circumnavigation of Elba as the August crowds joined us.

Finally we settled for the winter in Rome.

Here is a selection of our best images of the year.