"How To Be" List Poems

"How to Be a Reservation Teen"
Not living with biological parents
Oldest of many in the house I live.
Small schools
Athletic in many sports
Dealing with racism
Avoiding drugs and alcohol.
Frustration of not being understood.


"How to be a Teenage Boy"
Text as often as possible.
Don't listen.
Make fun of everybody.
Make teachers lose it.
Be as dirty as possible.
Switch girlfriends like underwear.
Be innocent around parents, but the real you around friends.
Eat faster than you should.
Make inappropriate comments.
Drive 90 mph everywhere.
Make your life revolve around sports.


"How to be a French daughter"
Learn to listen
Act/be snobby
Learn to shop at the right places.
Have a bigger tolerance for lectures.
Speak with zhe acsent.
Learn how to fill big shoes.
Desire to travel anywhere/everywhere.
Be respectful always.
Never assume you're correct when contradicting.
Be comfortable in high heels.
Accept quirky French habits.
Always suppose to be polite.
Know how to spell "quiche."

"How to be a teenage dad"
Finish school
Never attack the stepdad
Never piss off the ex
Make time for yourself
Find common interest
Learn to love Sponge Bob
Go camping with your child
Buy loud toys for mommy's house
Listen to child's problems
Learn to tolerate child support
Don't let child get adopted by stepdaddy
Most of all love your child