Alex who?

MFA, PHD, MSG and TBD…  Over the years, Alex has used all the letters of the alphabet as well as some he’s made up.  He is more than a genius.  He’s got genes.

Or at least he wears them.

Alex has written books, created alien worlds in his mind and ventures forth to take pictures of the world he shares with the kind co-inhabitants of this lovely blue orb.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words so when he posts online, this is always at the forefront of his mind.  Some of the words are shared wisdom and others are hopeful thoughts.

Alex also likes to draw and illustrate his books while constantly crafting stories when he should be paying attention to the road, but until he can stop time, (This is on his "To-do" list)  he will make do with the allotted 24-ish hours at his disposal.

Despite the limited hours of each day and the grim reaper trying to sneak up on him every time he gets distracted by shiny things, Alex follows his passions.


Most of all, he creates.


Whether it is the next book in a series, a blog topic to cover, a new place to take pictures that he just can’t get out of his head or a new illustration that continues to prompt him for more tweaking, Alex seeks out new and creative ways of expressing himself.

In the meantime, Alex continues traveling to distant worlds, fights monsters on a bi-weekly basis, peers into alternate dimensions when they grab his attention and once in a while, when the inclination is upon him... he raises the dead.

It’s a hobby.

Alex sleeps between blinks or when his eyes close unexpectedly.

He and Snoopy have word sprints for fun on weekends and holidays.