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a wonderful collaboration of Svetlana  Portnyansky and Via Romen, combining elements of Latin, Romany (Gypsy) and Jewish music, that enchants listeners with warmth, sensuality and excitement! These beautifully performed songs and original instrumental compositions create a very special atmosphere for you and your loved ones.
Via Romen and Svetlana Portnyansky went on a tour to Israel on February-March 2012
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My Two Homes -  is about the musical and life experience gleaned from two hemispheres, two periods in time, and two philosophies. The first one dictates that ancestors be venerated through the use of the Indic Romany language and old melodies, and the second harnesses the powers of cultural adaptation that are central to Romany, Jewish, and other minority cultures.

 The pieces on this recording invite listeners to analyze and appreciate the mix of styles ranging from traditional Romany and Russian sounds to compositions the band calls Nuevo Russian-Romany music. Influences include samba, flamenco, klezmer, and touches of R&B, among a number of others. Lovers of broad-ranging jazz improvisation definitely won’t be disappointed.

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Ecco La Musica
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 ECCO LA MUSICA.  Most jazz bands don’t include an oud, but Raleigh-based band ELM Collective isn’t like most jazz bands. Their multi-layered global sound is a direct reflection of the composition of the band, whose seven members hail from five nations and four continents.

The "composers' collective" provides a forum for the fusion of jazz and world sounds and is influenced by the personal experiences that each of the musicians bring. All the members of the collective are deeply convinced that we are all part of a global world, where art and music are elements that can unify different cultures and create a new vision of peace and coexistence for the generations to come. They take as their mission to show to their audiences that this blending of cultures is indeed not only possible, but of higher intellectual and artistic value. To fulfill this goal, “ELM collective” is dedicated to the performance of original material created by its members and uniquely arranged to highlight the instrumentation and artistic perspective of the ensemble

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