•  Your guitar: Your guitar may or may not be good enough for the professional studies. I will help you to find the right instrument for your level and budget.
  •  Your books: Depends on your level we will decide what book(s) are appropriate for you.
  •  Electronic media: I would encourage you to bring any type of recording device (iPad, iPhone or anything else) to record parts of your lesson. Also there are a lot of information can be downloaded from the internet, so this is one more reason to have the devices available.
  •  I would also require to have your home place ready for practice. Its not a lot, just a right no-arms chair, guitar stand, tuner, music stand and in some cases footrest for guitar. Follow the links to buy these on Amazon.com
  •     Please be courteous of fellow students by being on time for your lesson.  I may have a student directly following you,   and will not be able to make up for lost time. 
  •    If you must cancel, please call me at least 24 hours before your lesson and leave a message. Make-ups for canceled lessons are scheduled upon availability. If you cancel on the day of your lesson, you could forfeit that lesson. Genuine emergencies will receive special consideration, of course. I may occasionally have to cancel a lesson. I will do my best to give 24 hours notice, and a credit or make-up lesson will be offered.
  •     Excused absences and will be rescheduled, however... NOTE: Excused absences must be made up in the current month or be forfeited.
  •     After completion of the minimum three month contract, if you should decide to stop taking lessons, a full month's advance notice is required. If you decide, for an example, to discontinue lessons for the summer, effective June, you would be required to provide notice the first week in May. Failure to do so does not excuse financial responsible for the month of absence.
  •   Payment is due at the beginning of each month for all lessons in that month
  •   Payments can be made by cash or checks.
  •  One-time Consultation Rate:      
60 Minutes/ $50.00
  •   Advanced/Professional Lessons:
60 Minutes/ $50.00
30 Minutes/ $30.00