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Middle-Eastern Fusion music with Latin flavors
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Third Fridays at Fresh Levant bistro

Exciting fusion  of Middle-Eastern, Ladino and World music performed by:

Global Warming demo

Naji Hilal was born in Lebanon to a musically gifted family. At the early age of 6, Naji's father made sure that Naji would carry on the family's musical legacy. Growing up, Hilal was exposed to the fine arts of Lebanese traditional and classical music, mastering the oud while playing with local Lebanese bands. The musically versatile Hilal also plays the viola, nay (a Middle Eastern flute), guitar, accordion, and various percussive instruments. He is also a singer and composer. Hilal produced Intizar, a contemporary Middle Eastern music album, and Taqaseem, an oud improvisation album, and he is currently working on an inspirational meditation music album and an American/Arabic fusion belly dance song. In the early 1990s, he wrote a fun song about the world wide web, titled WWW - take a listen! (YouTube link)

In 2012, Hilal composed Arabic music that was featured in Arabian Nights, which was performed in Thompson Theater at North Carolina State University. This was Hilal's first attempt to compose Arabic music to English lyrics, which was a step forward in Arabic/American fusion of music.

A virtuoso performer in the most acclaimed Arabic tradition of oud playing, Hilal often performs at international events. He is also a scholar who lectures on the subject of Middle Eastern scales at universities and music workshops, and he leads Oriental dancing workshops.

Alex Gordez,guitar player, composer and music teacher, specializing in Classical, Flamenco, Jazz and World Music, with over 30 years of experience in music education, theater, live performance and studio environments.

Rated #1 in Raleigh in Latin category on REVERBNATION, he has played countless festivals and venues across the country and around the world. Alex’s music style combines contemporary Argentinean Tangos, Modern Jazz, Brazilian music and Flamenco incorporating his Jewish roots and his favorite Romany (Gypsy) styles.

The duo will be performing every THIRD FRIDAY at FRESH LEVANT, a restaurant in Raleigh, NC.



Alex Gordez and Naji Hilal




Alex Gordez,
Jan 20, 2017, 8:23 AM