Alex & Mutual Friends

World Fusion music with Latin, jazz and classical flavors
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Alex and Mutual Friends - A unique fusion of Spanish Guitar with percussion and piano colors.

A unique fusion of Spanish Guitar with percussion and piano colors.

Who said that classical guitar is boring? Alex & Mutual Friends bring a new game to town.

Their unique art, controversially rooted in a mix of the Classical academic tradition of following written charts, and collaborative spontaneous improvisations, discovers a fresh approach. The philosophy of the band is to make improvisational music more relevant to all audiences by using a pop or R&B sensibility, fiery flamenco energy and the new age sound palettes of modern jazz. It is simply music that speaks to your heart. Every time, the music is unique, emotional and recognizable.

It is enriched by Latin and American cultures and is delivered through the universal language of modern jazz. Mutual Friends is enchanting audiences with intricate improvisations, spell binding rhythms, and beautiful melodies.

Their music is mostly original work of the band leader, Alex Gordez, with virtuoso acoustic guitar/piano/percussion mix performed in modern styles with improvisations, similar to those of Vicente Amigo, Paco de Lucia or Al Di Meola. The music would also please fans of Astor Piazzolla, Avishai Cohen and Pat Metheny. Their approach to selected covers is very unique. Their music appeals to pop and rock audiences, as well as to lovers of jazz or flamenco, who may have great appreciation for the virtuosity, tone, nuances, or admire the bands original compositions. It is high energy, romantic, beautiful, lyrical, fascinating, intense…and always captivating. Lovers of tango, flamenco and samba would love their music for its emotions and temperament. Also jazz aficionados would admire the mastery of their solos. World and folk music lovers would get plenty of authentic melodies and roots in tradition. The rest of the audience will enjoy the tunes, great energy, and may even recognize some of the tunes. Alex and Mutual Friends band consists of:

- Alex Gordez (six-string acoustic-classical guitar and composer.

- Montreal Parker, Percussions

- Anatoly Larkin, Piano

Alex and Mutual Friends can perform in many settings including: Small intimate club dates, festivals, college programs,– as well as large stage productions.

More videos are here

Alex Gordez, Anatoly Larkin, Montreal Parker - Brasa - set 1 8-25-2018


Milinda del Angel - Brasa- Piano, Guitar, Cajon


Dear Valentine - Jam

Alex and Mutual Friends


I Will Be There For You - Alex and MF

My Two Homes - Alex and MF


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