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Alex Gordez and Will Postleheist :

From Classical to Tango to Italian favorites, every song is an elegant,

sophisticated and emotional masterpiece.

Alex and Will bring an unmatched quality of salon recital straight to the audience. Imagine the beautiful lush sound of a nylon string guitar on a solid foundation and the full- reach sound of a double bass. It is breathtaking, romantic, passionate and emotional music produced by two extraordinary musicians. The key words here are CLASSY and EXCLUSIVE.

Their unique style blends together classical, tango, jazz and pop idioms with gypsy style. It’s unpredictable and spontaneous improvisation. Musicians are not "married" to the charts - they explore any possible opportunity to change and modify music and to keep their audience fascinated and waiting for more! It is simply music that speaks to your heart. Each and every time, the music is unique, emotional and recognizable.

Their music is a spectacular collection of original work of the band leader, Alex Gorodezky, mixed with a favorite selection of the great work from Bach, Sarasate, Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazzolla, Pat Metheny, Al Jarreau, Andrea Bocelli, Vincente Amigo, Gypsy Kings and The Beatles.

Their music applies to wide audience of: Classical music lovers for the quality of their tone and nuances, jazz aficionados for the mastery of solos, pop and rock audience, for high energy and great rhythm ; also, lovers of Tango, Flamenco and Samba may have great appreciation for their virtuosity and energy, emotions and temperament. All will be fascinated by Alex's original compositions.

The duo consists of: - Alex Gordez (Six-string acoustic-classical guitar and composer)

- Will Postlethwait (Acoustic bass)

Alex & will can perform in many settings including:

1. Festivals and concerts

2. As the background music in hotel lobbies, fine restaurants, receptions, conferences and other exclusive gatherings

3. Weddings and other festive occasions

4. Private events

Amare Chavore - Gypsy Blues


Tango For Sasha