My Videos

 Here are some my favorite music videos with my fellow musicians

Other People - with Arkady Gips

Alex Gordez - upcoming documentary introduction


Dear Valentine -Alex & Mutual Friends

Dear Valentine -Alex & Mutual Friends

Underneath The Strars - Mariah Carey's Cover played by Alex Gordez - SOLO

 Via Romen -  Romany Music

Alex Gordez and Mutual Friends - TRIO


My Two Homes - original song by Alex G. with Via Romen


Beltz, - with Via Romen

Raven - Russian Folk song


Black Orpheus - With Via Romen Guitar Duo

Via Romen Guitar duo


Amare chavore - Наши дети. Via Romen guitar duo


CD - Notes from the road


Gitana Judia

ELM Collective - Samba 65 By A. Gordez

ELM Collective - Infants Dream


ELM Collective - Summer Fest 10 11 2009 by A. Gordez


ELM Collective - SeaBreaze - by A. Gordez


Night in the Museum 2018 by A. Gordez




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