I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Spring 2017.
Dissertation Title:  Essays on Universal Portfolios.
Dissertation Committee:  Aldo Rustichini (Thesis Advisor), David Rahman (Co-Advisor), Jan Werner (Dissertation Reviewer), Terry Roe (Outside Examiner for Thesis Defense), Hengjie Ai (Outside Examiner for Prelim Oral).

Teaching Specialties:  Intermediate Microeconomics; Sports Economics; Optimal Portfolio Choice.

Research Interests:  Quantitative Finance; Financial Engineering; Decision Theory and Robust Procedures; Financial Intermediation; Financial Econometrics; Algorithmic Trading; Financial Machine Learning.
ArXiv Author Identifier:  https://arxiv.org/a/garivaltis_a_1.html.

Office Hours for Spring 2020:  Fridays from 2-4 P.M., and by appointment.

Campus Address:
514 Zulauf Hall,
Department of Economics,
School of Public and Global Affairs,
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
Northern Illinois University,
DeKalb, Illinois, 60115-2828.