myDock Readme


MyDock requires SilverLight 2.0. You can install SilverLight runtime from


  •  Launch programs
    • You can use dock to launch an application. By default, dock contains number of applications such as word, media player etc. You can add your applications by dragging them to the dock or by pinning running instances of applications.
  • Manage running programs
    • Dock contains an docklet for every application running on your screen. You can use docklet for bringing application to the front, minimizing it. You can also pin application to the dock, and use docklet to start application later
  • System docklet
    • Displays current local time 
    • Gives access to settings dialog
    •  Gives a way to shutdown dock
  • Window manager
    • You can use windows manager docklet to quickly resize the current window
  • Explorer
    • You can use it to browse your drive or start applications using "Applications" folder. Application folder (located in MyComputer folder) contains all applications from Start Menu.


There are two configuration files dock.xml and docklets.xml. dock.xml contains basic dock properties like size of docklet etc. I have a version of dock.xml suitable for laptop with small screen in dock_mini.xml. To use this version, copy dock_mini.xml to dock.xml. docklet.xml is regenerated every time you change dock, like pin new application to the dock or move application to a different place.

docklet.xml is stored under AppData\mydock. dock.xml can be stored under either the application directory or AppData\mydock directory, 


  • Dock
    • Win + O : hide / show docklet 
  • System docklet
    •  Ctrl + Click : switch to different docklet function
  • Program docklet 
    • Ctrl + Click : minimize all windows