What is MyDock

MyDock a program launcher/organizer which combines functionality of Windows Start Menu, Taskbar and QuickLaunch.

Here is how it works. By default dock is populated with number of items such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word, Media Player etc. If you click an item and application is not yet running, dock will start it. If application is already running, dock will bring all application's windows to the front. Blue circle on the bottom of an item indicates if application is already running.

The simplest way to add an application to the dock is to start application from anywhere in the system and then 'pin' it to the dock  by selecting 'pin' option from the content menu. You can remove an item by using "remove" option in the context menu accessible by right click.

Screen shots


Additional information

You can find additional information about MyDock in Readme and Change list sections.  If you have questions or suggestions, please send comment to or leave comment in my blog

In Development in Silverlight section you can find number of helper classes and script which I used to make dock work 


Latest version 0.9.1035 is available here

Currently in development

Last couple month I've been working on new UI, but it did not work out. Next version will use same UI and have minor bug fixes.