Developlemt in Silverlight

Delegates in C++

SL uses IDispatch based delegates to notify host about events. In JScript you can attach delegate to event by calling


Delegate class allows to have similar syntax for C++

    obj.addEventListener(L"MouseMouseEnter", CXcpDelegateT(CMyObject)::create(this, &CMyObject::OnShowAnimCompleted));

Source code for delegate class is located here

Path mini-language to <geometry> conversion

SL has two ways for defining geometries: <Geometry> markup and path mini-language. In most cases Blend and Designer produce path mini-language.  The downside is that you cannot access geometry objects if path was specified by mini-language. Pathconvert script will convert all path objects in XAML to <geometry> markup. Right now only Line and Bezier segments are mplemented, but it should be easy to add more.