My Current Job Responsibilities


Business Process Outsourcing Operations Manager (BPO Operations Manager)

Head of US IT Staffing Department.

Recruiting Manager

Business Development Manager

Account Manager


This position reports directly into the President of TEAM International (TI).

On the other side there are 10 recruiting Team Leads reporting directly into BPO Operations Manager.


BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which is the essence of the TEAM Recruiting Services (TRS) business unit at TEAM International (TI). TRS recruiters recruit IT professionals for variety of clients in the US. The candidates are also located in the US. This type of work is done using IP Telephony and major Job Boards like Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice. Currently TRS employs 45 recruiters and handles 5 clients for RPO services, and 2 internal recruiting teams that work for TEAM International itself.  The role of BPO Operations Manager is to coordinate all hiring, training, mentoring, client interaction, logistical set-up, and management of the entirety of TRS operations.



Business Development:

-         Involved in promotion of TEAM National IT Staffing Services.

-         Coordinate with Marketing Team as to what markets to target.

-         Discuss and decide what size and revenue, the targeted companies should be.

-         Approve the lists of contacts for marketing campaigns.

-         Responsible for initial contact with potential customers, who get interested in IT Staffing Services.

-         Responsible for presentation of TEAM National Staffing services to newly generated leads.

-         Negotiate pricing and terms of service.

-         Signing Agreements and getting Job Orders for TEAM recruiters to work on.


Account Management:

-         Responsible for working closely with newly generated clients on delivering the best possible IT talent for their Job Requisitions.

-         Responsible for prioritizing the Job Order coverage with recruiting teams.

-         Responsible for quality check of submissions.

-         Responsible for Interview scheduling and start date negotiation.

-         Point of contact for working with partner staffing companies in specific technology areas.


Hiring New Recruiters:

-         Communicate with Sales on a weekly basis to determine business growth projections, and to plan adequately for meeting the demands of bringing on new clientele as forecasted.

-         Coordinate with Kharkov Recruiting and Senior TI Management to begin Recruiting for new Recruiter candidates.

-         Coordinate training schedules, desk and computer procurement for the new Recruiters organized to a specific start date.

-         Interview candidates proposed by Kharkov Recruiting to make the final decision on the hire.

-         Hold the introduction training for the newly hired recruiters to get them acquainted with the company and the structure of offshore recruiting business.


Recruiter Performance Management:

-         New Recruiters are expected to meet certain metrics after 2 prescribed amounts of time (6.5 weeks & 13 weeks) on the job.  These metrics are determined by the RPO Operations Manager, and they are formulated based upon desired improvement as well as organizational/seasonal factors.

-         All Recruiters are measured on metric results, placement results, and client satisfaction levels.

-         Responsible for communicating to all Recruiters on a regular basis their standing within the organization, especially if this standing may jeopardize their continued employment within TRS.

-         Responsible for having 1-on-1 meetings with Team Leads each month.

-         Responsible for calculation of monthly placement commissions and performance bonuses for the whole recruiting department.

-         Responsible for creating all Performance Appraisal documents, as well as performing the Performance Appraisals for all Team Leads. 

-         Once per month meet with the VP of Operations of TI in the 1-on-1 format, to include discussion of all Performance Appraisals done for that month.


Client Management:

-         Through communication with Sales, I coordinate the appropriate start date for new clients.

-         Host an introductory call with new clients 1 week prior to the start of service.

-         Host interviews and kick-off meetings between the client and their Recruiting team on the start day of service to begin the first steps of partnership.

-         Conduct end of week follow-up calls with new clients until such time as the quality of service and client satisfaction are “up to par”.

-         As clients request changes or new initiatives with their team, the RPO Operations Manager is responsible to carry out these changes quickly and effectively until 100% client satisfaction is met.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Logistics:

-         Daily/As Needed Planning of TRS Recruiter vacations – Planning vacations at a minimum of 3 weeks out, making sure only 1 Recruiter from any 1 team is out at the same time, communicating vacation plans to clients, and organizing backfills according to client demands and/or TRS capabilities.

-         Monthly review and verification of TRS Placements.

-         Quarterly planning of TRS Seating Re-Arrangement, as needed.

-         Quarterly planning of TRS outside trainings.

-         Quarterly planning of TRS Departmental offsite meetings.


Process Improvement:

-         Observe and recommend improvements/changes to the operations of TRS.  All improvements/changes need to be discussed with the President of TI for final approval. Process Improvement includes optimization of recruiting process, implementation of new ideas, salary analysis, development of new lines of business, development of new reporting, etc.

-         Responsible for the implementation of all process changes to TRS.

-         Participate in quarterly and yearly planning.


Recruiter Consultation and Mentoring:

-         TEAM has an “open-door” management philosophy whereby the employees and their needs stand higher in the day’s priorities than other non-urgent tasks.  RPO Operations Manager must be willing to flexibly adapt to the needs of the employees by relinquishing the strict adherence to a personal schedule. Daily impromptu meetings with various people, who pop in for advice, help on hard to work Job Orders, discussion of ideas, etc.

-         RPO Operations Manager is selected amongst those senior Recruiters at TI with proven background and understanding of the fundamentals of Recruiting, and for these reasons, must actively participate in the ongoing mentoring of all Recruiters as requested or required.



-         Reporting that is still being developed and perfected allows us to better determine performance, both in production levels as well as real results.

-         For Recruiting, we use Daily Activity Reports for immediate previous day and week results of production.  Back office Support employee creates graphs for weekly Conversation and Submittal numbers.  I create reporting on the recruiters’ ranking between themselves which I use for Salary Analysis on a monthly Performance Appraisal basis, as well as a tool to determine who is over/under-performing so as to handle appropriately.

-         Each month, we have anywhere from 1-10 Performance Appraisals that need to be done. That’s why I have a back office support employee who runs all performance evaluation reports for me.