Easy Dialer

Easy Dialer application for Android devices

A simple dialer application. 
Good for making calls or text to your favorite contacts quickly and easily. 
You can now organize contacts into groups on multiple pages. Customize how contacts are shown with choice of one, two or three columns view.


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Changes History:

v2.0    Nov 13, 2009
Support for multiple pages with back forward buttons or swiping across the screen
Page Title
Some simple animations.
Will release ad supported and ad free premium versions.
    select Contact screen rewritten 
    (I got report that built in did not allow to select non default number on HTC Hero)
    added shortcuts to dial pad, call log and all contacts
    the app can be launched by pressing phone's Call button 
    full screen view
    option to move contact up in the list
    sending SMS from confirm dialog or long press on a contact
    Contacts view customization: option to choose number of columns; show/hide contact detail elements
    added importing Favorites "Starred" contacts
    added importing most frequently called contacts
    preference option to dial a number without confirmation dialog
    First release 

My 1st application. 
Will update with more features.
Let me know what else you looking for in this kind of app.

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