Functional Review - DOCCM / Overview

The following sample report outlines functionality and approach recommended to achieve an optimum future capability. (i.e. from current to future state) for a document output & customer communications management system. (DOCCM) The detail outlined and general approach is a result of work done on a Transactional Content Management (TCM) project which utilises DOCCM capability for automation of out bound IP to targeted recipients.

The document has been heavily edited and redaction applied for Proprietary & Commercial in Confidence purposes, please respect this as it is published only for the purpose of showing breadth and depth of knowledge in the context of my role as a solution architect across this domain.

The DOCCM product reviewed is ThunderHead which is publically available and denoted by the acronym (TH). The DOCCM would normally hook into a DM repository and interact with a  CRM / ERP / Marketing systems or other suitable environment. Thunderhead is one of a number of DOCCM systems available which include but is not limited to ISISPAPYRUS, Newgen Systems, OpenText StreamServe, Pitney Bowes and Xpertdoc Technologies. These technologies are compared with Thunderhead in the report based on Gartner DOCCM review 2012.

The report can be viewed using the interactive mind map below, if it does not display properly due to your access / functionality protocols then view copy Here