Architecture Patterns - Cloud Azure / Enterprise Modelling
Providing solution architecture designs for cloud based projects is often based on use of industry reference architecture which highlights accepted, repeatable and standards based use on components to provide the related services.

The following reference architectures shown below are samples for use with Microsoft Azure Single and Multi Stacks (with AD / DC) for LOB CMS. Solutioning is also shown for Azure Active Directory Premium (AD Deployment) and replication between on and off premise scenario.

See the attached document below for other Cloud Design patterns. To see AWS solutions select here

 Azure Single Stack Deployment

High level reference architecture for CMS solution using single stack

Azure Multi Stack Deployment

High level reference architecture for CMS solution using dual stack

Other templates & patterns can be found at the following address:

Azure Pattern and Practices

Azure On-line Calculator (see xls attached)

Azure AD Deployment

The following HLD outlines solution architecture for Active Directory integration with LOB application, key attributes include:
  • LOB Application packaged into two virtual machines for redundancy and scalability
  • Separate the data layer for latency optimisation and fall over capability
  • Run two VM’s for AD & DC to reduce authentication latency when synchronising with on premise DC’s.
  • All virtual machines connected within Azure Virtual Network
  • Options available for on premise connections to Azure cloud using VPN over Internet or Express Route for dedicated line
  • On-Premise User experience maintained
  • LOB Application in the cloud and On-Premise can securely communicate & exchange data
  • SQL Availability group utilises SQL Always On
  • DC & AD/FS use same VM with different availability sets

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