Architecture Patterns - Cloud AWS / Enterprise Modelling
Providing solution architecture designs for cloud based projects is often based on use of industry reference architecture which highlights accepted, repeatable and standards based use on components to provide the related services.
The following reference architectures shown below are samples for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
To see patterns and solutions for Azure select here

AWS - Mobile Deployment

High level reference architecture for users accessing different network cells. 

AWS - 2 Tier Architecture
High level reference architecture for 2 Tier auto scalable web application
using single AZ for APAC region

AWS - 3 Tier Architecture
High level reference architecture for 3 Tier auto scalable web application using multi availability zones for core network backbone, the distribution layer and the access layer.

Other templates & patterns can be found at the following address:

AWS Architecture Centre

AWS Solution Architecture

The following HLD outlines solution architecture for Active Directory integration with WCMS using SiteCore and Portal using SharePoint. Key attributes include:
  • Solution Fully Hosted in AWS Public / Restricted Cloud
  • Corporate & Public Access (WCMS / Portal)
  • Data restricted to Sydney APAC region
  • Optimised EBS with measured IOPS
  • Multi AZ for high availability (HA)
  • Federated AD services across AZ's and WCMS / Portal
  • Backup using snapshots to S3 buckets (DR)
  • Peering between VPC (DC services, WCM & Portal)
  • Setup can be BYO licences or be included
  • VPN access for support (Admin / patching)
  • 3 Tier Architecture for Dev, Auth & Prod
  • Instances sized & balanced for optimum performance SSD
  • Active Active topology
  • NAT & Gateway layer for DMZ
  • Load balancing across AZ
  • Access using Http/Https, FTP & RDP Protocol

The solution shown above would typically be costed and reviewed utilising the following.


AWS Calcalator  (including BOM)

EC2 Cost Comparison
(*opens spread sheet)

TCO Calculator