Photographer, Painter, Sculptor.....

Before I started sculpting and painting, I was privileged to travel extensively during my professional career. As a result of my desire to share my diverse experiences with my friends and family, I started experimenting with photography.  I didn't realize it at the time, but photography would become the outlet through which I would first discover, and later channel, my artistic emotions and sensibility.  Alas, with retirement came less travel and a commensurate decrease in photographic inspiration.  However, thankfully for me, my artistic muse has not yet reached retirement age and has since led me to the discovery of my current artistic passions… sculpting and painting. 

Although I was self taught, I was privileged to enjoy the guidance  of Jacques Benard and H. Schneider, who both encouraged me to rely mainly on my life experiences, my imagination and in fact on anything that touches me to create my artwork. Rather than merely reproducing nature, my sculptures try to convey my personal vision of various universal themes using simple shapes, fluid lines, movement, and maybe even a touch of humour!

Bronze, stone, terra cotta, metal, wire and a variety of other materials are my preferred sculpting canvases, while my paintings are mainly oil on canvas.  With respect to my paintings, I am particularly fascinated by deserts and the rapid and varied colour changes.  What inspiration to draw on!

Having had the opportunity to teach at the university level, I have over the years become keenly familiar with the profound impact that effective expression can have on a willing (and sometimes not so willing) audience.  And so, with the hope that sharing my works and my enthusiasm for sculpting and painting may bring joy, if even just momentarily, to those who stumble upon them, I decided to create this web site.  I sincerely hope that you will experience as much pleasure in perusing my works as I have in creating them.

Always stay true to yourself,


Past exhibitions:
2006   Group Show   Espace d'Art du Canal       Montreal, Que. 
2006   Solo Show      Espace  d'Art du Canal      Montreal, Que.    
2007   Group Show   Espace d'Art du Canal       Montreal, Que.
2007   Solo Show      Espace d'Art du Canal       Montreal, Que.
2007   Solo Show      Espace Talent                    Paris, France
2008   Group Show   Art Westmount                   Westmount, Que.         
2008   Group Sow     Espace d'Art                       Montreal, Que.
2008   Solo Show      Espace  Talent                   Paris, France
2008   Solo Show      Espace d'Art du Canal       Montreal, Que.
2009   Group Show   Espace d'Art du Canal       Montreal, Que.
2009   Solo Show      Espace  d'Art du Canal      Montreal, Que.
2009   Solo Show      Espace  Talent                   Paris, France    
2009   Group Show   Centre E.K. Voland             Montreal, Que