Recent Discoveries

 Welcome to my humble abode. Here is where I exorcise my creative 'daemons'.

My submission submission for the CSS Zen Garden should have been excepted by now (hopefully).

My Book of the Moment: Texturing and Modeling (their American spelling, not mine) by Ebert et al.

Popbitch: the infamous celestial source of celebrity tittle-tattle!

I stumbled across this web site a few weeks ago. I find it deeply disturbing yet strangely fascinating. I present the Subserviant Chicken...
Update: The site from BK has now been shut down. For more amusement, try Kingdom of Loathing or the excellent Pure Pwnage

If Carlsberg made TRON websites, it would probably look like this

I tend to visit DevCentral pretty often. It's a fairly competent programming resource.