Welcome to my humble abode 

Welcome to my humble abode. Here is where I exorcise my creative 'daemons'. 

One of my favourite sites of the moment is the Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden. Focusing on xHTML and CSS, the site hosts dozens of submissions from an assortment of web designers and artists.

Who needs the latest console when there's emulation? Zophar's Domain appears to by far the best source of information about this field (and it's legal). My games of the moment are NHL92 (Genesis/MD), Super Punch Out (SNES), and Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition (Genesis/MD).

MathWorld :one of the more lucid mathematics resources on the Internet.

Afterdawn is the connoisseur's choice for video and audio guides and A/V utilities.

Over the years I have come to develop a very dedicated interest in Computer Art and Graphic Imagery. The motion picture, TRON® was probably the one of the first major influences to capture my imagination; it definitely nurtured my taste for CGI; not to be confused with the abbreviation for Common Gateway Interface.

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