Welcome, my name is Alex Coppe, I am an alumni from the University of Florida, where I graduated with a Ph.D.  in  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Fall 2010. I worked in the Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization group for Prof. Raphael T. Haftka and Prof. Nam Ho Kim.
My work involved Structural Health monitoring and Bayesian statistics, the idea was to use those tools to turn every airplane into a flying fatigue laboratory. My thesis' title is: "Identification of Structure Specific Damage Properties and its impacts on Improved Prognosis".
I worked as a research scientist (ie research faculty)  at the University of Maryland in the Center for Advance Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) under the supervision of Prof. Michael Pecht.

I am currently looking for a research position in prognostics and health management, my research interest involve:
-  Prognosis and health management, more specifically structural health management since I have been looking into damages on airplane fuselage mostly but I am interested in other applications such as bio-PHM, wind turbines, component level PHM as well as system level and transportation in general
- Optimization
- Non-deterministic approaches in the sense of methods and problems that involve uncertainty
- Model parameters identification (least square fit, Bayesian methods, etc)
- Fatigue and Fracture mechanics

Please contact me if you have a position that my profile fits to.

Contact information:

Alexandra Coppe, Ph.D.
CALCE, Assistant Research Scientist
University of Maryland
Room 1100, Eng. Lab. Blg. 89
College Park, MD 20742

Phone: (301) 405-5331
Fax: (301) 314-9269

email: lex.coppe@gmail.com