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Matching Rugs And Pillows

matching rugs and pillows
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matching rugs and pillows - Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit Firm Density Standard Size 233 Thread-Count Quilted Sidewall Pillow 2 Pack, White
Perfect Fit Firm Density Standard Size 233 Thread-Count Quilted Sidewall Pillow 2 Pack, White
Perfect Fit Firm Density Pillows 2 Pack Standard size. Everyone has different sleep styles and needs. The density pillow line was designed for the individual sleeper to custom fit those styles and needs. Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper you are able to choose the perfect pillow that’s designed to give your neck, shoulders and back the proper support and spinal alignment that they need. Thus, giving you the best nights sleep possible. Every Perfect Fit density pillow shell is constructed out of 233 thread-count cotton and is filled with 100% Slumbersoft hypo-allergenic polyester fill. A gusseted custom color quilted sidewall was engineered into the pillow to provide extra support and reinforced corded edges are added to hold it all together and eliminate breakdown. Choose the medium density with a green 1 inch sidewall and 19 ounces of fill if you are a stomach sleeper, blue firm density with a 1.5 inch sidewall and 22 ounces of fill is for back sleepers and purple extra firm density with a 2 inch sidewall and 24 ounces of fill is for side sleepers. This pillow is naturally hypo-allergenic for the sensitive sleepers and for added convenience machine washable. Made in the USA.

77% (11)
Just in case I wake up confused about where I am, the guest room has a few clues... It should be noted that the star runner on the dresser and the Lone Star pillows on the bed are made of real cowhide, and there's a matching rug beside the bed you can't see in this picture. Also note the (real) horns on the wall... Wow.
Custom Contemporary Pillows with Matching Rug
Custom Contemporary Pillows with Matching Rug
These pillows have been custom made to coordinate with this client's rug! Visit for more information!

matching rugs and pillows
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