Alexandru Topîrceanu, PhD

Assistant Professor (Sef de lucrări)

Location: B520
Phone: +40-256-403278
Homepage:    cs.upt.ro/~alext
(Work) Email:    alext [at] cs.upt.ro
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Hot Topics

The Mobile Apps competition SCMUPT 2019 is scheduled on Monday, Jan 21st 2019, featuring the best mobile apps developed by students from the Department of Computer and Software Engineering in Timisoara. Check out the Facebook event as well.

The West University Timisoara is doing a survey on online courses for students. You can also participate by following this link.

If you are an AC student please fill in this questionnaire to help Liga AC with a study on better ways to gather feedback and problems from students. I takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
Thank you!

The impact of TV on voting preferences - questionnaire. If you are a student of UPT/AC/CTI please ask me for an activation code prior to completion. 

My Ph.D. research project can be found over here (Feb 2016).