What to Expect


I'm New - What Should I Expect When I Visit??

Here we intend to give you some information if your seeking to learn more about us and if you are new to the area. Not sure which church you might like to attend? If you’re in the local area, you may have gone by our church but not sure if it was a place where you might like to worship. You may be from the area and just now ready to come to church or re-visit church also. We are very sure you will because we are not perfect but we know God still loves us and is willing and patient enough to use us anyways. If you have never ventured off of the beaten path and driven through Alexandria, well, maybe you should. Alexandria has a beautiful United Methodist Church directly in the center of town and is small and modest and has been around for over 200 years.

The setting, building, and history of our church are great but they are not what makes Alexandria Church worth your time to visit.
It’s the real, everyday people.
It’s how God is active and real in our lives. It’s how God and the Holy Spirit helps pull us together into a unique and warm, authentic family environment.

Below are some questions you might have. If you don't see the answer to your question... please contact us by email to find out. You can also watch our YouTube Channel to see one of our services.

~What do i wear?

Please feel free to wear whatever you would feel comfortable in. We have no dress code. We have people who wear a variety of things including their dirty and ripped work attire to suits and ties and anything in between.

~When are church services?

We have a modern/traditional church service each week at 9am. Our church services are a laid back family style environment. The service usually last about an hour. We usually have a few traditional style hymns and read some short passages followed by a sermon on a passage or some type of theme. It usually begins with announcements and ends with a time of prayer. We have a paper bulletin and also much of this and the hymns are projected on a screen for easier reading and convenience. Many remark that the projection helps them read and enjoy the service more.

~Will I be singled out or have to do anything?

We do not single anybody out. We do like to have a good time and interact with each other at times, as we are part of the family of Jesus. We have a volunteer read scripture passages and if you would like to, you can sign up to read. We encourage everyone to participate in their own way within the church but are happy to allow time for their growth in their relationship with our savior.

~What about my kids?

We do not offer daycare for children. We believe that children can also benefit from being at weekly services and hearing the word of God. The service includes a children's sermon sometimes with puppets. The puppets are also able to be taken to entertain the kids. On occasion, children may distract from the service, but it is rarely if ever any problem at all. A family environment keeps us connected and loving here. We also offer Sunday School classes after church from October until May at about 10:15am. This is a good way to connect kids with biblical teachings and offers a more child centered experience for them. Recently we have had some untraditional adult sunday school
environments and conversation. It is a combination of learning and fellowship for adults wanting to learn more without boundaries and be led by the spirit where ever it leads.

~What kind of church are you?

While we are under the United Methodist denomination, we are foremost Christians. We do many things within the structure of the United Methodist Church guidelines and also do many things you might associate with other types of church denominations. Our denomination does not define our love for Jesus and others. The United Methodist Church is connected to other Methodist churches across the world helping us to serve wherever we are needed.

~Can I participate in communion?

Communion is held on the first Sunday of the month. We believe in an open table and encourage everyone to come and participate in holy communion. We also respect your wishes if you choose to not participate. Communion is a symbol of Jesus' love for us as sinners. If you would like to learn more and confirm yourself as a Christian just speak to the pastor.