Church Supported Ministries

We have several charitable events that we support along with our regular church events.

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry - We have started a new Prayer Shawl Ministry. We meet twice a month, once in the evening in the church office, and once in the morning at someone’s home (we rotate locations). Locations will be on our calendars, our website, and in our bulletins very soon.

    This ministry is based upon prayer…praying for a person while knitting or crocheting. Sometimes we know who we are making the prayer shawl or prayer blanket for and so prayers are specific for that person; however, many times we are creating shawls and blankets without knowing who they will go to and so we pray for God’s blessing, peace and healing for the person who will be receiving this shawl or blanket.

    Since we are just getting started, we do not yet have a supply of blankets and shawls made; however, we’d be happy to take names and prayer concerns for people and get a blanket or shawl to them as soon as they are made.

    There are several ways you can participate in this ministry: 

    ~Join us in knitting or crocheting. If you do not knit or crochet but have always wanted to learn, we have people who can teach you on the evenings and mornings we meet. 

    ~Purchase yarn for our ministry, or donate money for yarn. 

    ~Provide us with names of people to lift up in prayer and be recipients of a shawl or blanket. 

    ~Pray for this ministry. 

    We are excited about this new ministry opportunity!

    Community Dinners - On the first Saturday of every month we have a community dinner which helps support our church and community missions. Each month the supper is done by volunteers that sign up to host it. The dinner will be put on and donations are given on a free will basis. All profits are used to support a designated mission(s) decided by the mission committee ahead of time. This is often done by an individual or a team of people. Feel free to host a dinner with a friend. Many times this is the way it happens to make the work load lighter for each person involved. Often we have 40 to 60 people eating each month and desserts are often a community effort.

by clicking or visiting our documents page.

  • The 'Hannaford' Mission - How would you like to help out local families in need just by doing your grocery shopping? Well, here’s how it works. Every month Alexandria UMC submits an order to Hannaford on the second week of the month. These orders consist of “card loads(reloads)” for existing card holders, and any new cards needed by anyone. Simply write out a check made payable to Alexandria UMC for the amount you would like loaded onto your card to do your grocery shopping with at Shop ‘n Save or Hannaford stores with “Hannaford” written in the memo/subject line of your check. Just put it in the offering plate. Your order will be recorded and submitted to Hannaford. It does take 1-2 weeks for new cards to be received in the mail or you can use an existing Hannaford gift card to avoid the wait. Alexandria UMC receives 5% of our total order back in $25+/- incremental non-alcohol/tobacco cards. These cards are used by the Pastor to help those in need. Confidential records are kept by the Pastor of all cards distributed.

  • Souperbowl of Caring - Happens at the time of super bowl Sunday... a soup pot is put out to put an offering in, which stays in the community but gets reported to the Souperbowl of Caring website and then totaled. All profits feed the needs in our community.

  • Care-Net Pregnancy Center Plymouth- Between Mother's and Father's day we do a collection of change or money for the mission of helping women keep their unborn children and seeing them through pregnancy and all of it's stresses. Just fill the baby bottles!

  • Crop Walk - A fundraiser to feed the starving. 25% stays in the local community and the other 75% goes toward supporting local hunger fighting organizations. Part of the church world service efforts. Happening in early May. (support those pledges!)

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