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This section was designed to find help and information pertaining to different needs and problems in the world and community's of today's Christian's. We have put some links here to address some of the issues and concerns of today's world. Each topic has been categorized to find the topic of most interest easily. If you see that any topic is not covered here that you believe to be helpful to people in our area or state, please don't be afraid to EMAIL US and give ideas that may be useful. You may also provide any links to web addresses that you would like to see or share. Thanks!

NOTE: IF YOU NEED to Visit any of these sites because YOU are a victim of abuse or need help, Please keep yourself safe or from 
abuse & disapproval and consider that doing anything on your computer may be leading to more. If you can, use another computer and location to find the information your seeking. If not, please read and follow instructions on the pages below.

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