Alexandre Reiffers is a post-doctoral fellow at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems. He received the B.Sc. degree in mathematics (2010) from the university of Marseille, the master degree in applied mathematics (2012) from the university of Pierre et Marie CURIE and the Ph.D. degree in computer science (January 2015) from the INRIA (National research institute in computer science and control) and the university of Avignon. His supervisors were Eitan Altman and Yezekael Hayel. From July 2016 to December 2017, Alexandre Reiffers was a researcher at SafranTech where he was working on comparison of maintenance strategies.

Most of his research projects concern the application of mathematical tools (game theory, optimization, stochastic process and machine learning) for a better understanding of real-world problems. The different issues that he studies touch topics such as social networks, speech between human and computer, economy and manufacturing.

During his stay at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems he is applying dynamic games (differential games and mean-field games) in smart grid. More precisely, he is studying demand-side management for residential homes, where the planner aims to reduce consumption by providing energy-efficient equipment and encouraging energy aware consumption. He is also working also maintenance strategies for manufacturing assembly line.