I am an Evolutionary Biologist working at the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin (IZW). The goal of my research is to understand the evolution of behaviour and life history traits in humans and other organisms. I am mainly interested in sexual selection and mate choice as a whole (i.e. from mating preferences to mating patterns) and in evolutionary changes in modern humans. In particular, I am developing and applying methods to quantitatively study inter-individual differences. My research also emphasises the importance of considering such variation to understand how behaviours and life history traits have evolved. Within my institute, I am also working as a statistician and provide advices and teaching on diverse statistical approaches.

, I am 32 yrs, a father of 2, and according to the Big Five my personality scores as follows: Openness 59%, Conscientiousness 89%, Extraversion 79%, Agreeableness 50% & Neuroticism 37% (note that values are percentiles and therefore depend on other individuals who had performed the test; e.g. it means that 59% of these individuals scored less in Openness than myself).

Feel free to contact me for collaborations, research training opportunities, or questions on my research!