Alexandra (Sasha) Skripchenko

  • Research interests:  My scientific interests are concentrated on some aspects of dynamical systems (mainly, ergodic theory and symbolic dynamics), geometric group theory (including studying of automorphisms of free groups) and low-dimensional topology as well as possible intersections of the main subjects with other branches of mathematics (like probability theory, complex geometry, algebraic geometry and combinatorics).

  • Current position: starting from September 2015 I am an Assistant Professor at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) - Faculty of Mathematics. I am also responsible for international exchange programs. 
Starting from October 2016 I am a Senior Research Scientist at SkolTech - Skolkovo Institute of Science and      Technology (Russia).

I am also a member of Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J. - V. Poncelet in Moscow.

  • Previous positions
    • in 2014 - 2015 I was a postdoc at HSE - Faculty of Mathematics. I also held a position of Assistant Professor at HSE - Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. 
    • in 2013 - 2014 I spent couple of years in France (Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu, Paris). You can check my CV for the details.

  • Thesis: I received my PhD from Moscow State University (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics) under the advisement of Ivan Dynnikov. The thesis named Interval identification systems and their applications to foliations and dynamical systems (in Russian) was defended in December 2012.

  • Teaching
    • starting from 2015 I teach plenty of various courses at HSE and SkolTech, including core courses and advanced courses for Masters and PhD level (detailed list is presented in CV).
  • Undergraduate Students Advising:
    • 2019/2020 - supervision of 4 qualification projects (analogue of French M1 Mémoire) of students of Faculty of Mathematics.
    • 2018/2019 - supervision of qualification project of a student of Faculty of Mathematics. Title of the project: Interval exchange transformation with vanishing SAF invariant. I also supervised an internship (stage) of French student from Ecole Polytechnique who wrote his M1Mémoire with me. Title of the project: Developpement en fraction continue multidimensionelle.
    • 2016/2017 - supervision of a Master thesis of a student of Faculty of Mathematics (Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Title of the project: Ergodic properties of non-orientable interval exchange transformations.
    • 2016/2017 - supervision of a Master thesis of a student of Faculty of Mathematics (Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Title of the project: HJM model for interest rates.
    • In 2016/2017 - I also supervise 4 qualification projects of students of Faculty of Mathematics. Two projects are dedicated to dynamical systems and two projects are about financial mathematics.
    • Spring 2015 - supervision of a qualification project (analogue of French M1 Mémoire) of a student of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics (Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Title of the project: Closed orbits in triangular billiards.

  • Popularization of mathematics: In 2015/2016 I was a scientific coordinator of Math en jeans at Alexandre Dumas French School in Moscow.