"FAMILY IS THE GREATEST BLESSING" uknown author

   Its hard to imagine living without the people you love. I blelive that my family is the most important thing in life ,without them I wouldn't have a smile in my face. I know I can count on them no matter what it is they will always be there for me. They are the reason why I wake up every morning, praying and hoping to live one more day.

  Christian ,my yougest brother, was born in Alta Bay Hospital.When he was born I felt as if something had went wrong. I remember visiting my mom at the hospital , but I never saw a cradle or a baby in the room. I was so anxious to meet my new baby brother, but I never had the chance.

   Days past and the time flew fast my mom had arrived from the hospital along with my dad. I did not know what was happening, and I couldn't understand why they didn't bring my baby brother home. The first thing that came through my mind was that he was dead, as if everything had just been a dream. I cried an ocean blue for him, I prayed that he was still alive.

  The next day we went to the hospital, I was wondering why we had went. I saw a small baby with tubes attached and machines all over him, and I realized that it was my baby brother. I thanked God that he was alive, but i never imagined him that way.

     " What's wrong with him?" I asked .

    " When he was born he had touble breathing , and as the doctor pulled him out he accidently broke his hand" the nurse responded.

 Over the past eight years, he has grown a lot and is a handsome boy. Even though he is sometimes annoying and gets in trouble,I still love him and my brother Juan. I can't imagine my life without those two munchkins, but it wouldn't be the same. I thank God for the family he gave me ,and I don't know what I would do without them