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   My name is Alexandra , I was born in Oakland , California. I am currently living in, a little town by the bay, San Pablo, California . I come from a Hispanic family, whom I am very proud of. We always have parties, and we all get together just for fun. They are someone who I can count on to be there for me at anytime. I am very interested in helping people and solving problems. I enjoy everything that has to do with music, but I have other plans for my future. I will like to attend Dominican University of California, due to that it offers a lot of opportunitues and scholarships. I am someone that is hoping for a successful future and is willing to do anything that it takes in order to achieve my goals.

   My main priority that I am most focused on is finishing  four-years at  Dominican University and attendig law school.The law school that I am planning to attend is the University of California at Davis School of Law. After graduating from high school,I am planning to move out of the city and take more responsibilities such as having a job, paying my biils, and being organized. I would like to have a  job where I would get paid good but at the same time I would be having fun, like at a bank or an amusement park. Later on in the future I would also want to start my own family, but once I have achieved my dream of becoming a lawyer.

   My goal of becoming a lawyer is going to take my best effort and responsibility to focus while attending Richmond High School. I would also have to pass all of my exams, for example the California High School Exit Exam and the SAT'S. In order to graduate and have fun, I will have to keep confident and have a positive attitude.During my high school years I will probably have to join an academic law program, in which will give me an idea what I'm going up agaisnt. I would most likely love to start a family , but I would rather do that when I am finished with my education.

   Thanks for taking your time and visiting my page. Hopefully you like what you read, and you were able to see that I will try my best to be successful and become a lawyer.

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