Welcome to my personal website.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in economic history at the University of Oxford.

I analyse long-run economic growth within Europe. Recent research studying patterns of per capita GDP between 1300 and 1900 has shown that, in Holland and Britain, the classic period of the Industrial Revolution was preceded by an earlier growth spurt. Between 1300 and 1700, levels of per capita GDP had already doubled. In my research I study the drivers of this phase of pre-industrial growth. For instance, together with Professor Stephen Broadberry, I provide decennial estimates of capital formation and the stock of physical capital in Britain and Holland to provide growth accounts for both countries over the very long-run.

I am also studying the relationship between human capital formation and industrialisation, for which I focus on Britain during the period of the Industrial Revolution.

My research interests are: long-run economic growth, human capital formation in pre-modern Europe, the Little/Great Divergence, development economics, (dynamic) macroeconomics and applied econometrics.