I have always been drawn to the idea of teaching because I have always been fond of school and the learning process.  I feel that even as adults, we have the full potential to keep learning and grow as individuals.  Furthermore, as educators I believe we are going to learn as much from our students as they are going to learn from us.  My mother is a kindergarten teacher and for years I have been able to witness how much she has learned from her students.  Even though she has been teaching the same subject for nearly 10 years now, she still learns more with each new class. 
    My personal teaching philosophy is to prepare my students to be model citizens for our community.  I want to give them the skills to question facts and come up with their own conclusions.  I would like to provide a base of knowledge for my students and teach them how to apply what they know to solve  problems in their everyday lives.  Furthermore, my biggest concern with teaching is to have my students really grasp concepts, rather than just memorize procedures.  In order to really learn, students need to know the broad spectrum of how something works.
    Additionally, I firmly believe in teaching students to think independently and to understand that their actions affect more than just themselves.  Ideally, I would like to set up my classroom  as a miniature model of a full scale community.  By incorporating this setting into my classroom, my students will be able to learn to work together as a team and learn how everyone has individual skills that when applied, can benefit the whole.  As teachers, we help shape the people who will become our future generations.  Therefore, teachers are given an extraordinary opportunity to practice positive ideals and values,  which may directly reflect in our society.

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