Dr. Alexander V. Georgiev
Post-doctoral scholar
Institute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago
georgiev - at - uchicago.edu
PhD    Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, 2012
AM      Anthropology, Harvard University, 2008
BSc     Biology, Sofia University, 2005

I am a biological anthropologist interested in primate sexual selection and reproductive ecology. More specifically, my current work focuses on the costs of male reproductive effort in monkeys and apes.

I examine how ecology, physiology, and the social environment shape male reproductive strategies in non-human primates. In particular, my research addresses the following questions: (1) What are the costs of male reproductive effort?; (2) What determines variation in male ability to meet such costs?; and (3) Do the reproductive strategies, associated with the highest costs, also result in the highest fitness returns?

My work is informed by life history and sexual selection theories and aims to contribute to an integrated perspective on the variation in male primate (including human) reproductive trajectories. I combine behavioral observations and endocrinological sampling of wild and free-ranging primates with a variety of physiological markers that assess energy balance, physiological and oxidative stress, and immunocompetence.

I currently work with the rhesus macaques of Cayo Santiago Island, Puerto Rico.

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