Dai Richards MBA MSTAT, Teacher of the Alexander Technique 
Offers lessons in Ditchling (easy parking and only a short drive from Brighton).
To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: 
Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 900 231 
 BBC Doctor in the House BBC Doctor In the House documentary - a great demonstration of the effectiveness of of the Alexander Technique.  The story is around a one legged Paralympian who was worried about the demands of his sport eventually meaning he would have to use a wheel chair.  Happily AT helped change all that.
 Stop Hurting at Work Stop Hurting At Work - increasing productivity, creativity and improving wellbeing in the workplace.
This short video shows the success of applying Alexander Technique principles in the work place.  Over a five month period staff at a successful enterprise in Brighton (Smarter Shows) experienced one to one Alexander Technique lessons, appropriate adjustments to the working environment and everyone in the company was encouraged to lie down for 10 minutes in "semi-supine" when ever they felt the need.  
  What is the Alexander Technique
This short cartoon helps to explain a little what the Alexander Technique is about.  It is short and it is fun to watch and it might help put the Technique into context.  Of course there is not substitute for a lesson with an appropriately qualified teacher - that could be your next step!
 Have a lie down in Semi Supine for 10 minutes Lie Down for 10 minutes  - in the semi supine position
Give yourself a treat and have a lie down.  This simple and often underestimated procedure is extremely good for you.  It refreshes the spine and gives you a short period of active rest.  You can pretty much do it anywhere and the long term results are extraordinary - and its free!

 Have a lie down - Why Bother? Have a Lie Down for 10 Minutes - Why bother?
Having a lie down for 10 minutes in the Semi Supine position is a fabulous thing to do for yourself - But "Why Bother?"
This very short video attempts to explain at least some of the fantastic benefits that you get for free. 
 Using a modesty cloth when lying down Using a Modesty Cloth when Lying Down in a Short Skirt
If you are wearing a short skirt or are otherwise feeling a little "exposed" when you want to lie down then using a simple modesty cloth will help.  A large headscarf, sari or a towel over the knees will help give you all the confidence you need to lie down what ever you are wearing.  This little video shows you how.  How to Make a Simple Sit Stand Desk
So you already have a desk or a table that you use to work on with your computer.  This little video shows you how to make a radical difference to your life by simply converting it to a Sit Stand desk.  It doesn't cost much and is easy to achieve - and it could change your life dramatically!
 Alexander Technque Great little video in french introducing the Alexander Technique.  
Made for the Swiss society of Alexander Teachers
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