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Offers lessons in Ditchling (easy parking only a short drive from Brighton).
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Everyone's reaction to, and result from, a series of Alexander Technique Lessons is completely unique - even the words they use are unique to them.  Just as snow flakes have a common structure and therefore are easily recognizable their precise shape is unique.  So an Alexander Lesson will be easily identifiable, and the process that any student goes through and the techniques learnt will be somewhat similar and may seem deceptively simple.  Applying the simple thoughts and techniques learnt to daily life can bring fabulous and sometimes quite astounding results.  These are a few examples of the feedback Dai has had from some of his students:

 Juliette Wills, author of ‘Mostly Cloudy with Some Bright Spells’ -http://juliettewills.wordpress.com/

I’ve suffered terribly with hip, spine and neck pain during the past decade. I have a form of inflammatory spinal arthritis and take prescription painkillers on a regular basis. I have tried acupuncture, homeopathy and yoga over the years, but nothing has really tackled the pain. 

At the time of booking, I was at my wits’ end. My neck pain was excruciating and permanent. I could barely turn my head from side to side, nor could I put my chin towards my chest. The pain in my back was centred in my spine, and was utterly debilitating. I had been in this state since 2001. 

I hadn’t expected much from my first lesson, particularly as we didn’t really seem to actually do anything, but the next day my neck pain was a little better. I felt lighter, somehow. As the weeks progressed, I have had such a huge improvement on my pain levels and my mobility. 

I have other health issues which mean I’m never going to be completely pain-free, but I am so much better than I was and will be eternally indebted to Dai. I only wish the NHS would consider this technique for patients with chronic, painful, musculoskeletal conditions. It has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. How can GP’s not send everyone who experiences pain to try AT? It’s ridiculous. If you want to stop taking pills, if you want to get your life back and if you are suffering with any pain at all, then go and see Dai. Now!

 Bridgett Tibbs (Dance Teacher, Gloucester -  Migraine Sufferer -  http://jazzjiveswing.com/
Firstly a big big thank you for the sessions you gave me over the weekend, amazing and such powerful stuff, I am truly grateful and amazed.

I found a teacher and the exciting thing is she is someone I have known as a friend for years and years and although I knew she was an Alexander teacher its not the context I know her in, so hadn't put two and two together. Her name is Rachel Stevens and she works in Nailsworth which is near by.

Its perfect partly just to see Rachel again and also to learn more about this this…….process !!

I am still pretty much headache free which is very unusual for me and I think of you when I'm not in pain
Jennie Norrman (Active young mum, Sweden - Re-adjusting from Pregnancy)
I find it hard to describe the immense relief and gratefulness these sessions brought to me.

The last two-three months of my pregnancy, I felt so bad, like I was poisoned (someone later explained to me that my baby was probably pushing on my liver, which then wasn't functioning properly). I couldn't exercise because of different aches and pains. A week after I gave birth, I laid down in a "child's position" and realised that I could contact the ground again, and my life was coming back to me - it was the same feeling of utter gratefulness, that I didn't have to be pregnant any more... (note that I loved Noah from start, it was just so much better to have him outside my body).

I was so surprised that feeling so good was so close, that I didn't have to work hard for months or years to get there. I have found an Alexander teacher here in Uppsala and will contact her as soon as I'm back from my holiday.

Chris Bean (Early 30s and in pain! West Sussex) 
So! My thoughts on AT. It has been an immensely enriching experience - I have stimulated my neurones, but also inhibited a few others, and I have become aware that what I think of as a separated 'body' is actually something I experience the world with, rather than a tool that sits below me. 

It has opened my eyes to the weird and wonderful world of neuroscience, something I think I alluded to during our sessions - I used to think that there were no frontiers left- the surface of the planet has been relentlessly surveyed, outer space is too expensive, and the world's oceans are fascinating but equally inaccessible to me. It turns out, however, that one of our greatest frontiers is within! I am half-jokingly thinking of writing a 'User's guide for the brain' with a friend. 

The main thing I've learnt is that the constant, repeating patterns of physical discomfort that I have experienced for most of my adult life are not part of me - rather, they are a manifestation of processes, processes that can be changed. So I feel like I have regained a measure of control over my life, which is very encouraging. I still have a certain amount of pain (back/leg, anxiety, groin) but it no longer feels like a life sentence.        

 Dawn Hampton (84, Famous Jazz performer and Dance Teacher, New York)  http://www.centurymasters.com/b_dawn_hampton.html  
At the Herrang Dance camp 2012 in Sweden Dai noticed that Dawn was beginning to need assistance getting out of a chair as well as using a walking stick.  So he offered Dawn some lessons.
A few hours after the first lesson Dai asked Dawn's assistant how she had been getting on - the reply was "Well she hasn't needed any help getting out of the chair and she has thrown her stick away" (herrang.com)

 Laura Manning (Transforming her skiing, New Orleans - USA)
Laura has written a lovely account of her skiing experiences with Dai and Elizabeth Dodgson (atteacher.co.uk).  Read her article on the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique site (http://www.stat.org.uk/pages/skistory.htm).  
A short quote from her story:

"....But the point was not how it looked. It was about how it felt. Although we were focusing on simple glides, I experienced moments of carving and calm that I only could have dreamt of before. I was getting better - slightly - at relaxing while letting "skiing" take place underneath me. I began to feel more in control, comfortable on my skis and in my boots. With Dai's assistance, I focused on not torque-ing my upper body around to try to get my turns moving; I let the skis do the work. Liz's lesson and Dai's tuition was beginning to help me readjust my definition of what skiing actually was.......  I felt I'd become a "skier", feeling the snow underneath me, enjoying every turn."

 Kate Buckman (Transforming herself and her dancing!)
I had been aware of The Alexander Technique for some years and had enjoyed several occasional lessons, but it was only about 3 months ago and on the encouragement of Dai Richards that I committed to a proper series of lessons.  I believe I had about six weekly lessons and have subsequently had two more 4-6 weekly.

During this time I have experienced many subtle changes which have crept up on me, but have been noticed by those who know me, particularly those who I haven't seen lately. It's all very complimentary and positive, I'm told I look really good and asked if I've lost a  lot of weight, (a pound or two maybe, but not significant).

I also dance Argentine Tango have received a significant number of delightful compliments about how I feel in the embrace, my connection and groundedness.

All in all I'm excited to see how far this can go and will definitely continue with the lessons!

 Jo Green (Resolving excruciating back pain, gaining freedom, lightness and ease to dance pain free!)
Proprietor of Pet Set Go Pet sitting / dog walking in Seaford, Newhaven and around.

"I've had a number of AT lessons with Dai and the only way I can describe the feeling, following them, is one of lightness, freedom, and responsibility for myself and my body.  I often get asked "What do you do in Alexander Technique?".  I can't answer it easily because the whole point, for me, is that it's a case of NOT doing.  It's a way of life, not a treatment. 

I'm not very far advanced at the moment so my time in relation to AT is one of doing nothing and just letting my body "be".  Being in Dai's hands is an experience that I thoroughly enjoy and don't want to end! His voice takes me on a journey to a calm and peaceful place, free of expectations. I've even asked if I could record his voice and guiding words so that I can recreate the experience, as best I can, at home.  That may sound rather "dreamy"; IT IS! 

I approached Dai for support because I had the most excruciating back pain, that simply wouldn't subside, despite trips to Chiropractors and Sports Therapists.  I was dubious and afraid that it would be another waste of effort and had almost resigned myself to the fact that my pain was just something I'd have to live with.  I am now pain free and focused on helping my body become better and it's working, without a doubt. 

I also am a keen dancer.  Whilst it's not professional dancing, I can and do dance for hours on end.  I recently took some guidance from Dai, prior to dancing for around 7 hours, pretty much non-stop.  I was absolutely thrilled to note that I could dance with freedom, lightness, and ease and not suffer any aches or pains the next day.  Quite the reverse - I felt positively invigorated!. 

I can't thank Dai enough for this experience that he has facilitated and continues to facilitate.  I can highly recommend him as a wonderful, supportive, and encouraging AT tutor"
 Katy McGrory (Changing posture and movement)
Charity Communications Specialist - and swing dancer 
One of my abiding memories of our first trip to Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden is set on a table in a quiet area of the camp. It was there that I had my first experience of Alexander Technique and how powerful it can be. I wouldn’t say that I was sceptical, exactly, but I wasn’t sure that I would be receptive to it. Nonetheless, my respect for dancing friend, Dai, saw me lying on a table and thinking about my head, neck and arms and legs, while they were gently moved; a curious and pleasant sensation. After getting down from the table, Dai asked me to sit down on a chair. I still think what happened was really interesting (and funny). I couldn’t sit down. I just couldn’t sit down. My legs and back didn’t feel like they felt before. I tried to sit down, but I couldn’t, because I couldn’t work out where the chair was. I did eventually sit down, but it was very strange sensation. Something was definately different.

I have taken a few more AT sessions, with sitting down, standing up and walking. Thinking about how I move is a new concept for me and a very interesting one, especially as I learn more about dancing. I don’t think about it all the time, but sometimes my AT sessions pop into my mind and I think about what I’m doing. Certainly, after the sessions, I think my posture was improved and I felt as if I was walking differently, and I do, from time to time, practice at home. 

I have had a tiny glimpse of what a useful tool AT is in making moving more efficient and pain free, and I hope that I don’t completely lose what I learnt over a few sessions with Dai.
To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: 
Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 900 231
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