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Ipad / Kindle Stand

IPads and Kindles are truly amazing pieces of technology - but we need help to use them without hurting ourselves!

They are very inviting and universally we spend more time on them than we ever imagined possible home, at work, on the train, on the bus, in the cafe or indeed in the park!  But their magic and convenience can lead, quite inadvertently, to some serious long term negative impacts on the body.  Conditions such as "Ipad Neck", "Text Neck", "IPad Shoulder" are now creeping into common parlance.  A quick search on the internet brings up many such references.

So what can we do about it?.  Well, a good practical place to start is to place it somewhere where it is well supported, easy to read, and easy to operate - whilst maintaining good use of ourselves.  Then we should change our position often enough to not become fixed.  We should take breaks and, importantly, STOP very regularly and make sure we are doing what we can to use ourselves well.  Always easier said than done, but your Alexander lessons and this Ipad stand will help.  Light, and portable, it allows for the Ipad or Kindle to be easily read and operated from any convenient flat surface.  That means your working position is easily changed and there is no need to hold on to the device.  Used with a simple wireless keyboard the combination becomes a powerful working tool.
This transparent stand does not visually clutter your working surface and blends in to both modern and traditional settings.

Design Dai Richards   30th August 2012

Cost: £16 plus post and packing.  Contact Dai by phone or email to order one.

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