My back's knackered! What can I do about it?
Dai Richards MBA MSTAT, Teacher of the Alexander Technique 
Offers lessons in Ditchling (easy parking and only a short drive from Brighton).
To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 900 231

Alexander Technique - as featured on the BBC "Doctor in the House" helping a one legged paralympian ice hockey player improve his performance, protect his shoulders and avoid the need for a wheel chair - available on iPlayer or check out my video tab for a link.

“I just want to stop hurting!”

 Alexander Technique could be just what you need.

Alexander Technique lessons give you the power to look after yourself.  The lessons are a pleasant one-to-one experience where the teacher guides the pupil through simple every day movements.  The teacher helps you identify habits that are unhelpful and gives the experience of better, more efficient movement.  These new practices can be applied directly to everyday life and in particular to the world of modern technology.  Pain often just stops and is replaced by a sense of ease and wellbeing.   The simple techniques taught can last a lifetime and provide the basis for a healthy and pain free existence. 

Why have lessons?

Because being in pain is not normal and you don’t have to put up with it! The lessons give you the skills and tools to look after yourself in the long term.   Not only is pain likely to diminish but you are likely to enjoy improved posture and more ease and efficiency in everything you do.


Who is it for?

-        People suffering from back, neck, headaches, RSI, stress or posture related disorders or voice and breathing problems.

-        People who enjoy sports and want to prevent injury and improve performance.

-        Anyone who wants to restore balance and coordination, improve poise, suppleness and mobility, gain control to reduce stress and pain and generally improve health.

-        Actors, Musicians and Dancers and others to whom the quality of movement is important in their profession.

How does it work?

Our body and mind is a unified package built up of a lifetime of experience and habit.   We sleep, sit at the computer, lie on the sofa, commute to work, drive the car. We may even run, jump, cycle, swim, go to the gym, dance.....But one day we end up hurting.  Pain is a sign that something is wrong and should not be ignored.  It is likely to be the result of years and years of some poor habits or ways of doing things rather than a particular moment or over exertion.  If we can replace the poor habits and practices with good ones we can allow the body to recover and not cause the problem again.  The skill of the Alexander Teacher is to guide you through that subtle process and put you in charge of a better future.. 


Cost: £45.00 per lesson.  One lesson gives you some useful information and experience for  you to start putting into practice. Three lessons give a great grounding while six lessons allows for the development of some of the skills so they become more easily part of your daily life.  As with learning anything the length of time it takes depends on what you want to get out of it.  Many people have lessons over an extended period because they continue to improve and change in ways that they value.  You are always in control of how many lessons you chose to take and you only have to book one at a time.

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Why Chose Dai as your Alexander Teacher?

Author of: My Back’s Knackered – what can I do about it?”

Dai has a broad and varied experience of life, movement, injury and recovery.  When he was 40 he described himself as an "athletic cripple."  He had serious back and neck pain along with threat of a hip replacement.  A stressful ‘City’ job, long hours working at a computer and lots of exercise was taking its toll.  He started having Alexander Lessons and found very quickly they helped get rid of the tensions and misuse that were leading to his pain. Now aged over 50 he happily runs, dances, rides a unicycle and balances on a slack rope. He has an excellent track record of helping people with their painful conditions as well as performance in running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and skiing through the Alexander Technique.  He is or has been an internationally qualified Ski Instructor (BASI), top level Kayak Coach (BCU), Triathlon Coach (BTF).

Dai is a fully qualified, STAT registered, Alexander Technique Teacher. He trained, full time, for three years at the Brighton Alexander Technique College under the guidance of Carolyn Nicholls. 

It Doesn't Have to Hurt
Dai is a teacher who is particularly interested in working with sports enthusiasts. He has had success in helping people with their running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and skiing.  He 
is or has been an internationally qualified Ski Instructor (BASI), top level Kayak Coach (BCU), Triathlon Coach (BTF).

For more details on learning to take part in activity without it hurting take a look at

With the Alexander technique you can become:



To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 900 231 

General conditions:  Lessons cost £45 and last 30 minutes although it is good to allow yourself 40 minutes.  Changes and cancellations can be made up to 24 hours ahead of the appointment.  If less than 24 hours notice is given the lesson booked will be charged for at the full rate.