My back's knackered! What can I do about it?
Dai's new book: "My back's knackered! What can I do about it?" now available either as a printed book an eBook or a Kindle version from Amazon (search for Dai Richards or the book title). Just click on the link to preview or buy the book.  Alternatively take a look on the Books tab for more details.  It tells you how to recover from back pain.  Simple, practical advice that so few people know about.

Dai Richards MBA MSTAT, Teacher of the Alexander Technique 
Offers lessons in Shoreham (easy parking and public transport), Hove (next to the railway station) and Brighton.
To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 382 092

Learn how the technique can help you restore balance and coordination, improve poise, suppleness and mobility, gain control to reduce stress and pain and generally improve health vitality and awareness. 

How does the Alexander Technique help? 
During our lifetime we develop physical habits which interfere with our natural easy movement. This can lead aches and pains, stiffness of joints,headaches etc. Alexander lessons help you to rediscover the natural poise of the body which we can see in young children. This often brings with it a sense of general well being. "This work is exactly what is being done in Nature where the conditions are right,the difference being that we are learning to do it consciously" FM Alexander

What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique is a psychophysical re-education of the postural mechanism. Lessons are one-to-one. The teacher uses his/her hands to guide the pupil to improve the quality and ease of movement.

Who should have lessons?
People take lessons for many reasons: 
* People suffering from bad back, neck/joint problems, people suffering from headaches, voice and breathing problems, RSI and stress or posture related disorders. 
* Actors Musicians and Dancers and others to whom the quality of movement is important in their profession. It is taught in most good music and drama schools.
* People who enjoy sports and who wish to prevent injury and improve performance.
* Many people take lessons simply to rediscover a feeling of lightness and ease in everyday movements.

Why Chose Dai as your Alexander Teacher?
Dai has a broad and profound experience of life, movement, injury and recovery.  He has a sympathetic nature, some 30 years experience in coaching and is a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher. He trained, full time, for three years at the Brighton Alexander Technique College under the guidance of Carolyn Nicholls.  

He describes himself as having been, at the age of 40, an "athletic cripple" - serious back pain, neck pain and under threat of a hip replacement.  A stressful "City" job, long hours at a computer and lots of exercise was taking its toll. He started having Alexander Lessons in the year 2000 and found very quickly that they helped get rid of the tensions and misuse that were leading to his pain. 
Now aged over 50 he is largely pain free and happily runs, dances, rides a unicycle, stands on a slackline and generally moves freely and enjoys inhabiting his body. 

Dai is very keen to pass on his Alexander skills to others so that they to can be pain free and enjoy the feeling of being better tomorrow than they are today!

What does a lesson cost?
A lesson typically lasts half an hour and a private lesson with Dai costs £35.00
Lessons booked may be changed or canceled up to 24 hours ahead, otherwise they will be charged for at full rate.

It Doesn't Have to Hurt
Dai is a teacher who is particularly interested in working with sports enthusiasts. He has had success in helping people with their running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and skiing.  He 
is or has been an internationally qualified Ski Instructor (BASI), top level Kayak Coach (BCU), Triathlon Coach (BTF).

For more details on learning to take part in activity without it hurting take a look at

With the Alexander technique you can become:



To book a lesson with Dai or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email: Tel: 07979 538 467 or 01273 382 092