Skeeter is an approximately 1 to 1.5 year old Lab x English Setter mix.  He weighs about 50 lbs, which looks to be his full weight.  Skeeter is  Skeeter came into rescue from the City of Mobile Animal Shelter.   Skeeter is healthy, neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations and preventatives.   Skeeter suffered from both neglect and abuse before he ended up in the shelter, though he has made remarkable strides in overcoming both.

Skeeter has very loving personality and he is VERY playful.  He is quite intelligent and needs stimulation in order to stay out of trouble.  We have focused our training to this point on house breaking and on redirecting his energy to positive directions.  He now directs his play and chewing toward his toys and does not mess with shoes or furniture.  he is crate trained but not a huge fan of being crated.  With his intelligence he will be able to learn any commands that you would like for him to, but he must be taught with patience, because unless the exercise is made into a game, he thinks that he is being punished and will get frightened.  Skeeter has learned to sit on command and to 'down'.   He can 'dance' on his hind legs for a treat and is trying to learn to catch treats in the air.  

Skeeter loves to snuggle and fall asleep on or next to his human, once he gets comfortable with them.

Skeeter plays very well with other dogs, and though he is very playful, he responds well when the older dogs 'correct him when he gets too playful and backs off.  he would be best suited for a home where he has a playmate roughly his own energy level and/or active folks who will play with him.  he loves chasing balls and sticks and will keep it up for as long as you are willing.

Skeeter is available for adoption now.  His adoption fee is $100.00 and requires an application (download PDF, below), home visit and signed adoption contract.   Adoptions will be considered within an approximate 1-hour drive radius of Mobile AL.

Tom Andrews,
Dec 27, 2011, 7:04 PM