1968 Firehawk 

Jacob Alexander's

1968 Firebird with Attitude 

The start of a beautiful creation begins with Teardown.  As can be seen here in the beginning there was lots of work to be done to create the car of my dreams.  Still not a bad find for $600.  Now for about 1000hrs of fabrication and I'll have a car worth talking about....



Seen here the firewall had be reformed and smoothed for a clean look and clearance for the heart of the beast to come.  The front air dams were also badly damaged from previous owners accidents.  Both of them were removed and replaced wtih my custom sheetmetal caps.  Keep an eye on that old front frame and suspension it won't be around much longer.

Next I decided to focus on the rear of the car.  As can be seen here the rear subframe had to be notched and wheeltubs removed and widened for the monster 335's to come. 


Now we have the rear shackel replacements see through the removed rear trunk pan.  The roll sliders allowed me to offset the rear springs for the wider tires as well as increase cornering ability by reducing body roll.  The second picture is my custom rear shock tower.  This was welded between the rear subframe to relocate the rear shocks as well as stiffen the rear frame.   

Local swap meets rock.  I found a steal of a deal on an old circle car 31 spline full floating Ford 9" rear end.  Here are some before and after shots.  Gotta love the huge rear brakes.  Hopefully they give you idea on what stoping will be like in this car. The other rear end is the original 10 bolt that came out of the car.    

  A custom roll cage allowed for saftey as well as comfort for the driver and in this case passanger.  This will also stiffen the car dermatically.  The bar was welded to the rockers as well as new front frame in the pictues to come.  You an also see a glimpse of the awesome 335' tires.  The trick to sizing any axle is buy the tires and wheels first then shorten your axle to match your desired offset. 

Tools of the trade.  I figured the stock 380horsepower wasnt enough so I invested in a procharger supercharger.  This unit pumps out 10psi which should be good for about 750 horsepower at the crank.  WIth all that power comes a good look at the massive tires and rims.  I still think it will be easy to burn them off.  Only if my bank account could handle it :) 

The heart of the beast is a 2002 chevy LS1 and T-56 six speed transmission.  As can also be seen here is the custom subframe I had designed and built for the basis of my project.  This is a one off unit that will be welded into the pan of the car.  This allows for a lower center of gravity as well as stiffing of the entire chassy.  The suspension will definaltely do all the work in this car.  The second picture shows the work of hrs of measureing, leveling and checking for exact locations wher the frame is to be welded and tied into the rear subframe and roll cage.  The frame also incoprates the use of rack and pinion steering and 1" swey bar.  For some reason i keep thinking of this as a Ferrari on steriods. 

A lot more then can be explaind has happened at this point but the car was ready for final sand and body work.  It took roughly 40hrs to strip the car of it's three coats of paint 


Now the start of a long jouney in body work.  A buddy came over to show me the basics and it only took anotehr 300 plus hours to actually get her straight.  I had another buddy (body guy) inspect my work before priming and blocking could begin.  All priming was done in my little shop.  Luckily you don't have to be that good with a spray gun to lay down a good coat of primer...  

 Here for the first time we can see a little resembelence of an actual Firebird.  You can also see a glimpse of where the roll cage ties into the frame as well as the six piston brake calipers and huge 13" rotors.  The car will stop on a dime with the hydrolic brake booster in place of a traditional vaccume fed booster.  Now she is ready for an actual Paint Booth. 




 These pictures do not do the car justice but give you an idea of what it looked like after she came out of the booth.  A buddy and I stayed up over 28hrs straight before the final coat of clear was laid down.   






 Back at home again.  The fenders, hood, door handles and emblems are all on. 





Now we get to wire the engine (what fun...)  This is probably the best time to show where all the power is going to come from.  The Pro-Charger sits low on the drivers side.  Soon it will all be covered up by the intercooler, radiator and other accesories.  The lower vailence and rear fin is still waiting for paint.  Hopefully i'll have them finished before I get it running...