Item Response Modeling / Latent Structure Models

  • CDM  Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling (with T. Kiefer, A. C. George, & A. Ünlü)
                CRAN version 5.3-0 (2017-01-12)     NEWS   INDEX  crantastic   ianhowson    Github (CRAN)      rdrr              
                Development version 5.2-8 (2016-12-05)
  zip   tar.gz  pdf

  • immer  Item Response Models for Multiple Ratings (with J. Steinfeld)
                CRAN version 0.7-0 (2017-01-18)     NEWS   INDEX  crantastic    ianhowson    Github (CRAN) 
                Development version 0.5-13 (2016-10-19)  zip   tar.gz  pdf                     

  • sirt  Supplementary Item Response Theory Models

                CRAN version 1.14-0 (2017-01-11)     NEWS   INDEX    crantastic    ianhowson     Github (CRAN)
Development version 1.12-18 (2016-10-07)  zip   tar.gz  pdf

             These packages can be automatically installed from within R using the syntax (change version number)
          link <- ""
          pack <- "TAM"
          vers <- "1.9999-19"
          devtools::install_url( base::paste0( link , pack , "_" , vers ,".tar.gz") )

    Missing Data

    • miceadds  Some Additional Imputation Functions, Especially for mice (with S. Grund, & T. Henke)
                    CRAN version 2.2-0 (2017-01-11)     NEWS   INDEX  crantastic     ianhowson    Github (CRAN) 
    Development version 2.1-29 (2017-01-04)  zip   tar.gz  pdf
    • mitml  Multiple imputation tools for multilevel data (with S. Grund, & O. Lüdtke)
                    CRAN version                                 NEWS   INDEX  crantastic     ianhowson     Github (CRAN)    

    Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment

    • BIFIEsurvey  Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment (with BIFIE, & K. Oberwimmer)

                    CRAN version 1.12-0 (2017-01-17)     NEWS   INDEX  crantastic    ianhowson     Github (CRAN) 
                    Development version 1.11-4 (2017-01-12)  zip   tar.gz  pdf

    • LSAmitR  Large Scale Assessment mit R (with T. Kiefer, M. Trendtel, & R. Fellinger)

                    CRAN version                      URL   INDEX  crantastic    ianhowson     Github (CRAN)