Item Response Modeling / Latent Structure Models

  • CDM  Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling (with T. Kiefer, A. C. George & A. Ünlü)

    • DINA, DINO and mixed DINA/DINO model (din)
    • GDINA model (de la Torre, 2011; gdina): multiple groups, higher order GDINA, polytomous skills (Chen & de la Torre, 2013)
    • Multiple choice DINA model (de la Torre, 2009; mcdina): multiple groups, group-specific item parameters, polytomous skills
    • General diagnostic model (GDM; von Davier, 2008; gdm) for polytomous item responses with ordered discrete or continuous latent variables and an option for estimating trait locations (Bartolucci, 2007)
    • Structured latent class analysis (SLCA; Formann, 1992, slca): Multidimensional IRT model, Latent class model, Located latent class model, Mixture IRT models, Cognitive diagnostic models, ...
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  • TAM  Test Analysis Modules (with T. Kiefer & M. Wu)

    • Multidimensional 1PL and 2PL item response models for polytomous data using MML or JML estimation (tam.mmltam.mml.2pl, tam.jml)
    • 1PL and 2PL models with user-specified design matrices, e.g. facet designs  (tam.mml.facets)
    • 3PL model with design matrix for item slopes and a mix of continuous and discrete latent variables (tam.mml.3pl) which allows latent trait models, latent class models and mixture IRT models
    • Model specification with lavaan-based syntax (tamaan, tamaanify, lavaanify.IRT)
    • Bifactor model and exploratory factor analysis (tam.fa)
    • Plausible value imputation and latent regression models (tam.pv)
    • Q3 statistic and measures of model fit (tam.modelfit)

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Missing Data and Survey Analysis

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  • mitml  Multiple imputation tools for multilevel data (with S. Grund & O. Lüdtke)
    • Convenient wrapper to the pan package for imputation of multilevel data
    • D1, D2 and D3 statistics for multi-paramerer tests with multiply imputed data
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