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Upcoming Series: The Gospel according to Luke

4 November. Luke 17:11-19.

28 October. Luke 17:1-10.

21 October. Luke 16:19-31.

14 October. Luke 16:1-15.

Guest speakers

2 September. Jesus is Unfair. Matthew 20:1-16. (Scott Monk). Download.

26 August. The Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37. (Rev. Ian Schoonwater). Download.

Current Series: The Gospel according to Joseph 

7 October. Genesis 50. Download.

30 September. Genesis 44-45. Download.

23 September. Genesis 43. Download.

16 September. Genesis 41:56-42:20. Download.

9 September. Genesis 41. Download.

19 August. Genesis 40. Download.

12 August. Genesis 39. Download.

5 August. Genesis 37:12-36. Download.

29 July. Hope for our Sinful and Dysfunctional Family. Genesis 37:1-11. Download.

Gardening in God's Field

22 July. part 2. Download

15 July. part 1. Download

The Gospel According to Moses (Deuteronomy)

Source: (used with permission)

8 July. Circumcision of the Heart. Deuteronomy 30. Download

1 July. Revenge vs. Love. Deuteronomy 19. Download

24 June. Finding Someone to Lead Us. Deuteronomy 18. Download

17 June. Living together as God's people. Deuteronomy 13. Download 

10 June. Worshipping God in his terms. Deuteronomy 12. Download.

3 June. God's Command to Destroy the Canaanites. How Do We Apply It Today? Deuteronomy 7. Download.

27 May. Worshipping the Trinity and our Righteousness. Deuteronomy 6. Download.

20 May. The Ten Words (part 2): the horizontal. Deuteronomy 5. Download.

13 May. The Ten Words (part 1): the vertical. Deuteronomy 5. Download.

6 May. Worshipping God in His Terms. Deuteronomy 4:1-14. Download.

15 April. Why Did God Command Israel to Wage War? Deuteronomy 2:24-36. Download.

8 April. Dealing with Anxiety and Sin. Deuteronomy 1:29-36. Download.

Guest Speakers

29 April. Revelation 2:12-17. JJ Bomford. Download

22 April. Mark 13. Tony Calman. Download.

Jesus the Game Changer

1 April. "No Joke: We Killed God but He Offered Forgiveness" (Resurrection/Easter Sunday). Download.

30 March. Cruel Joke: Jesus on Trial. Luke 23 (Good Friday). Download

25 March. Jesus the Game Changer on Reason & Science. Download.

18 March. Jesus the Game Changer on Wealth. Download

11 March. Jesus the Game Changer on Education & Health. Download.

4 March. Jesus the Game Changer on Care. Download.

25 February. Jesus the Game Changer on Democracy. Download.

18 February. Jesus the Game Changer on Women & Children. Download.

11 February. Jesus the Game Changer on Leadership. Download.

4 February. Jesus the Game Changer on Equality. Download

"When Grace Crosses Cultures"

28 January. Acts 14 & 17. Download.

21 January. Acts 15. Download.

14 January. Acts 10. Download.

7 January. 1 John 5. Download. (Continued from the series on 1 John in December 2017)