Presidential Professor

Alexander Gamburd

Presidential Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

CUNY Graduate Center

Room 4214.05/ 212-817-8539

agamburd at


Alexander Gamburd specializes in spectral problems in number theory, probability, and combinatorics. His recent work concerns expander graphs, which are highly connected sparse graphs with wide-ranging applications in computer science and mathematics, and his research has resolved major conjectures in proving expansion for Cayley graphs by using recently developed tools from arithmetic combinatorics. This work has a number of applications, in particular in quantum computation theory of quasi-crystals and distribution of prime numbers in non-abelian groups.


Presidential Early Career Award
Sloan Research Foundation Fellowship
Von Neumann Early Career Fellowship 


Fall 2012: MATH 87800: Analysis and Number Theory

Fall 2011: Math 87800 Arithmetic Combinatorics


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