Who started Alex and Ani?

        Alex and Ani originated in Cranston, Rhode Island.  The creator, Carolyn Rafaelian, truly designed a work of beauty.  She is the daughter of a Providence jeweler. She also continues her Dad’s craft and designs her bracelets from recycled metals (so they’re eco-friendly).  Each bracelet she makes has the words "with love" on the back of them, indicating that she makes them with all her heart.  She has a wonderful assistant who helps out named Lilit Faryan.  What inspired her is the wonderful beaches of Rhode Island. Mother nature is something that inspires her to do what she loves.   Her love for jewelry came from her mother.  She would always go through her jewelry box to see what jewelry she has.  She began the company a couple years ago, and named the company after her first two daughters.  She thought the


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