Alex Amenta

Postdoc, TU Delft.

Publications and preprints

Rescaled extrapolation for vector-valued functions (with Emiel Lorist and Mark Veraar), arXiv preprint

Complex interpolation of Z-spaces (addendum to Abstract Besov–Hardy–Sobolev spaces...), arXiv preprint

Abstract Besov–Hardy–Sobolev spaces and elliptic boundary value problems with complex bounded measurable coefficients (with Pascal Auscher), arXiv preprint


Lp-Lq off-diagonal estimates for the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck semigroup: some positive and negative results (with Jonas Teuwen), Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, (articlearXiv)

Interpolation and embeddings of weighted tent spaces, J. Fourier Analysis and Applications. (open access)

Non-uniformly local tent spaces (with Mikko Kemppainen), Publ. Mat. 59 (2015), 245—270. (open access)

Tent spaces over metric measure spaces under doubling and related assumptions, in Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, "Operator Theory in Harmonic and Non-commutative Analysis" (2014). (book, arXiv)


Advanced Topics in Analysis: Functional Calculus (TU Delft, February-June 2017)
An introduction to functional calculus (particularly McIntosh's H^\infty calculus) and applications.
Notes to come. 

Seminar on tent spaces (TU Delft, September-November 2016)
An informal introduction to tent spaces, somewhat biased towards my own results...
Lecture notes: 1 2 3 4 5
(warning: there are little mistakes spread throughout these notes. Exercise: find them)


PhD thesis, Australian National University and Université Paris-Saclay 
Supervised by Pierre Portal (ANU) and Pascal Auscher (Paris-Saclay).

The Geometry of Orbifolds via Lie Groupoids
Honours thesis, Australian National University, May 2012.
Supervised by Bai-Ling Wang

Other things

Radio appearance (with Lashi Bandara)
On Fuzzy Logic Science Show, 2xx 98.3fm (Canberra community radio).
we discussed mathematics, sudoku, Columbo, and various other things. Worth a listen if you have a free hour


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