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Clear Fields :: an extension for firefox


Clear Fields

Current Version: 3.0.1 (for firefox 3.0.* ONLY)

This extension supplies you with various buttons with which you can clear the following:

  • Address field
  • Search Field (Standard & Web Search Pro)
  • Search Field of the Official Google Toolbar
  • Search Field of the Official Yahoo Toolbar 
  • Find field
  • Bookmark/History Panel search fields 
  • Every text field, password field and checkbox inside a webpage!

For me this is very useful since I tend to middle-click paste stuff (linux). I used to use konqueror which had this button available so I kinda missed it in firefox... till now :)


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    Support for Firefox 3.0.1


    Support for Firefox 3.0 (not compatible with Firefox 2.0, 

    get version 2.x instead)


    Added support for Yahoo's Toolbar.

    The bookmark and history panels now have their own             Clear Buttons.

     A new set of commands was added in the Tools menu.             They allow you to quickly and easily add, remove or fix         the positions of the main Clear Fields buttons. 


    Shortened English titles

    Added the ability to automatically add the buttons after     installation (with dialog).


    Added support for Firefox 2 !!!

    New language:



    Added support for "Web Search Pro" Search Field

    New languages:

        Korean (thanks 2 xx1)

        Hungarian (thanks 2 TG)


    Added new button that clears the Official Google                        Toolbar's Search Field!

    New, prettier Artwork!



    Added new multi-button with the ability to clear all text     and password fields, as well as checkboxes! Click to clear     all or clear desired fields by opening the submenu!



    Added clear button on "Find" Toolbar :)



    Support for "Search WP" 

    New Artwork

    Localization Enabled  


If you would like to translate this extension to your language, download this file: clearfields.dtd , translate it to your language and send it to me by e-mail. Don't forget to mention your language's code.

NOTE: Some languages need updating to fully support my 2.0 version of Clear Fields, since I added some literals. If you know one of the following languages and it has a * next to it, please click it below, translate the missing parts and send the file back to me. Thanks!

Languages currently available:  

Comments and suggestions @


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Clear Fields

Current Version: 3.0

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3.0 approved!

Download 3.0.1

Download 2.0

to install after downloading drag the extension file in your firefox's window

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