Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

thermal printer cleaning cards
    thermal printer
  • a printer that produces characters by applying heat to special paper that is sensitive to heat
  • A thermal printer (or direct thermal printer) produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper, or thermal paper as it is commonly known, when the paper passes over the thermal print head. The coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing an image.
  • A printer in which small heated pins form characters on heat-sensitive paper
  • (Thermal Printers (Thermography)) These printers use a transfer sheet that carries ink in contact with the paper or transparency, and a heated printhead driven by digital data that touches the transfer sheet to transfer images to the right points on the page.
    cleaning cards
  • A cleaning card is a product designed to clean a device that facilitates a transaction. In order for the cleaning card to work properly in the device, it is important that the card resembles or mimics the material of the transaction media, in other words looks like a credit card or currency.
  • (Cleaning Card) Its purpose is to assist in keeping a card printer clean and to maintain the key parts of the printer including the printhead, transport rollers and magnetic encoding station. Some card printer manufacturers (e.g.
thermal printer cleaning cards - Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards Lot of 25
Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards Lot of 25
·Designed and formulated to safely remove all dirt, ink, tape, residue, adhesive and other contaminants from thermal print heads, paper guides and paper path ·Improves print quality and legibility ·Protects your equipment - increases printer life, reliability and performance ·Safe, easy and effective ·Works on all thermal printers ·Approved and recommended for use by major equipment manufacturers ·Recommended usage: Use thermal printer cleaning card before inserting every roll of paper stock ·Size: 2" x 6" This card is 99.9% IPA based in order to clean the printer head.

80% (8)
3'' thermal printer mechanism-917
3'' thermal printer mechanism-917
80mm thermal printer mechanism 1.Easy paper loading design 2.Carbon fiber material plus metal stents: strong, resistantWith high life 3.Print speed: 220mm / s 4.Motor voltage: DC24V 5.Power Supply: DC24V 6.Print high accuracy: (8dots/mm) 7.Mechanical wear life grew up in:100km 8.Low noise: brushless magnetic excitation stepping motor drive 9.High resistant to abrasion, temperature 10.Material special engineering plastics 11.Transmission gear set, drive a very low noise 12.Print multiple sizes of paper width (the narrowest width of paper40mm maximum 80mm) 13.More advantages than the LTP347:1)Increase the detection of Black Label2)Metal chassis structure, reducing the impact on the print head when shear twist 14.Cutter: optional IPI801, IPI803 cutOther cutter can be used in Japan, Taiwan Cutter 15.Application: POS receipt printer,Kiosk, deposit charter, Industrial equipment 16.Features: High-speed high-strength printing, black-left positionStandard test, paper to make detection, detection of opening and closing rollerInnovation: The paper can be used 80mm 17.Compatibility: LTP347
80mm thermal printer with cutter-80220
80mm thermal printer with cutter-80220
80mm thermal printer Simple thermal Printing speed: 220 mm / sec Interface type: parallel port, serial port, USB port Compatible ESC, POS command Paper Width: 79.5.5 +0.5mm Printing Character:576dots/512dots Dot density:8dot/mm NV Flash Buffer:256KBytes Max diameter: 83 mm Life:100km Operature:0-45°C Power: 24V/2.5A Barcode:UPC-A/UPC-E/JAN13(EAN13)/JAN8(EAN8) /CODE39/ITF/CODABAR/CODE93/CODE128 Repeatable operation and copy printing Character sizes :12 ? 24 / 9 ? 17/24 ? 24 / full-cut or half cut / support macro definition, page mode, NV Logo Download Print / Built-in large capacity data buffer 128K Bytes/ support kitchen printing

thermal printer cleaning cards
thermal printer cleaning cards
Waffletechnology 2" - 50.8mm Thermal Printer Cleaning Card w/ Wonder Solvent (15 cards)
this Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Card uses a soft fabric embedded into a plastic core to create a presaturated disposable card. The cleaning waffles offer additional pressure and scrubbing power to delicately yet effectively remove all dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue and other contaminates from thermal print heads, paper guides and paper paths. This Waffletechnology product will improve printer quality and legibility. It will also increase output, print head life, printer life, reliability and performance.material laminated to a plastic core for strength and is complemented with alcohol free Wonder Solvent solution.

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