Alessandra Voena

Associate Professor of Economics 

The University of Chicago
Department of Economics
1126 E. 59th Street
Chicago IL 60637

Email: avoena [at] uchicago [dot] edu 

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Research statement [link]

Working papers

Marriage, Labor Supply and the Dynamics of the Social Safety Net (with Hamish Low, Costas Meghir and Luigi Pistaferri), 2018

                            Submitted  [link]

Bride Price and Female Education (with Nava Ashraf, Nathan Nunn and Natalie Bau), 2018 

                            Resubmitted to the Journal of Political Economy [link]

Inheritance Customs and Agricultural Investment (with Brian Dillon), 2017

                            Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Development Economics [link]

Age of Marriage, Weather Shocks and the Direction of Marriage Payments (with Lucia Corno and Nicole Hildebrandt), 2017 

                            Revision requested by Econometrica [link]

Work in progress

Prenuptial Contracts, Labor Supply and Household Investments (with Denrick Bayot) [link]

Maternal Mortality and the Gender Gap in the Demand for Children in Zambia (with Nava Ashraf, Erica Field and Roberta Ziparo)

                            [link to summary]

Selling Daughters: Age of Marriage, Income Shocks and the Bride Price Tradition (with Lucia Corno) [link]

The historical origins of Female Genital Cutting in Africa (with Lucia Corno, Eliana La Ferrara and Nathan Nunn)

Access to credit, hold-up and female entrepreneurship in Zambia (with Nava Ashraf, Alexia Delfino and Edward Glaeser)


Yours, Mine and Ours: Do Divorce Laws Affect the Intertemporal Behavior of Married Couples?, 2015, American Economic Review   [link]

German-Jewish Émigrés and U.S. Invention (with Petra Moser and Fabian Waldinger), 2014, American Economic Review  [link]

The Economics and Politics of Women’s Rights (with Matthias Doepke and Michèle Tertilt), 2012, Annual Review of Economics  [link]

Compulsory Licensing: Evidence from the Trading-with-the Enemy Act (with Petra Moser), 2012, American Economic Review [link]

Traditional Beliefs and Learning about Maternal Risk in Zambia (with Nava Ashraf, Erica Field, Giuditta Rusconi and Roberta Ziparo) [link], 2017,

        American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 


Subpages (2): CV Papers